Posted by John on December 27, 2011

Forget PS4, here is why you need a PS3

Forget PS4, here is why you need a PS3

It’s been a tough time for Sony this year, not only did they suffer from the Earth Quake in Japan, but there was also that issue with security on PSN. However, this has not stopped the PS3 from still having impressive sales, but there are fears from a select few developers who feel as though a brick wall has been hit as far as game development goes. However, other developers do not agree and believe the PlayStation 3 still has plenty to offer, so should we forget about the PS4 for now?

The PS3 still has a lot to offer, not just in terms of games but also features thanks to continued updates. So why would you want to keep hold of your PS3 for a while longer and not worry about the PlayStation 4 if one was to come out in just over a year’s time? Well one website has been looking into this very subject and discusses why now is a good time to be a PS3 owner.

Now while we agree with some of what they say, we cannot help but disagree as well. They mention that having Quickflix and Music Unlimited is a good reason to own a PS3, but we can think of a better reason not to jump ship the moment the PS4 lands. One reason is the price, as we know that you will have to pay a premium to have the latest next-gen console. This was the case when the PlayStation 3 first launched, as the price was a little out of reach, and therefore the Xbox 360 punished it when it came to sales.

Another reason why you should hold off on the PS4 the moment the system is launched are the teething issues and game titles. It’s a fact that Sony will get a few things wrong, and will take a number of updates for the next-gen console to perform as it was designed to. As for the game, there will not be that many at launch, so you will have a limited choice on offer.

This has to be the biggest reason to hold off buying the PlayStation 4 upon release, as the current titles (especially the exclusives) are awesome. One game that has taken the market by storm by the end of 2011 is Uncharted 3. However, Drop Bear Gaming makes a point of mentioning LittleBigPlanet 2 and Killzone 3 as well.

If the PS4 is not being launched for another couple of years, then we would suggest getting yourself a PS3 now. However, if Sony has plans of releasing their next-gen console within a year, then you really need to take some of out points into consideration before making a choice.

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