Posted by John on December 24, 2011

What’s The PS3’s Reputation These Days?

PlayStation 3
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This isn’t really a rhetorical question. I’ve been so busy running a site that I haven’t really paid attention to how the general gaming public perceives the PlayStation 3.

Early on during the system’s lifespan, it was easy to know because we had a thousand headlines dedicated to the subject. But now, you can almost sense the generation drawing to a close, because so few headlines focus on anything platform-specific. It’s almost as if the underlying current right now is whispering, “yes, bring on the new hardware…”

But if you make the rounds on the Internet and you’re privy to a lot of conversation, discussion and argument, how do you think the PS3 is perceived these days? Obviously, it has changed over the years and with the top-notch exclusives, a Network that continues to get better and better, seemingly good reliability, Blu-Ray, etc.; gamers appear to be satisfied. Don’t forget that in terms of worldwide numbers, the PS3 has essentially caught the Xbox 360 (depending on the source, and depending on if you say Sony posts “sold” while Microsoft posts “shipped”).

The latter is a pretty impressive feat, by the way, especially considering the slamming the PS3 suffered in its first year or so, and also considering that it came out a full year after the 360. But there was the PSN hack, many still point to lost exclusives gone multiplatform, and the popularity of Microsoft in the US is undeniable. There will always be a debate, but if you place your finger on the pulse of gamer nation, how do you think the PS3 fares today? Generally positive? That’s sorta the vibe I’m getting.

The PS3 is now over five years old and developers say more can definitely be done. But not much more can be done with the 360 and the Wii, and Sony doesn’t want to be late to market again, so the PS4 might be closer than we all think. Once that happens, we also wonder how the PS3 will be viewed when compared to history. But we’re talking about the here and now: how do you think the average gamer would describe the PS3?

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