Posted by John on December 24, 2011

Skyrim PC mods as DLC on PS3/Xbox 360

Skyrim PC mods as DLC on PS3/Xbox 360

It’s well known that the PC version of Skyrim has a few benefits, which include the command console to unlock extras and also the creation of mods that give Skyrim PC players a new lease of life after playing for many months, or getting stuck on certain quests.

Not all Skyrim PC players take advantage of these extras, although it’s nice to have them there, which is something Xbox 360 and PS3 players do not have the luxury of. Would you like mods on the console version of Skyrim?

We’ve seen a few interesting Skyrim Mods since the games release, and some you may know include modifying the game so you can kill children, texture enhancements, Kinect innovation and the ability to take all clothes off NPCs. If you have a mod you love using, feel free to share details in the comments and what makes it so great.

While we’re sure that many Skyrim players would rather Bethesda focus on perfecting the game, especially PS3 owners, some console owners would welcome the addition of mods, although how could this be added? One option that could work would be DLC, which means less red tape and content that could be free or charged for to enhance the game. This might not be as fun considering it’s free already on PCs, although we’d gladly pay for a really good texture improvement or some of the other mods we’ve seen.

Issues arise at how these mods were created in the first place, and if they create additional problems with Skyrim once downloaded and installed. The PS3 and Xbox 360 have more limitations than newer personal computers, especially when you consider the age of console hardware, which could mean certain mods would cause more damage than good.

Skyrim PS3/Xbox 360 owners: Would you prefer mods as DLC or Bethesda to focus on current game issues?

Back in April of this year the gaming community had a glimpse of what could be possible for mods and game consoles, with Todd Howard explaining that content made in the Creation Kit will work on the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Skyrim. While they’ve talked with Sony and Microsoft about this possibility, there hasn’t been an option created right now but the opportunity is there, which could be taken up with DLC in the near future.

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