Posted by John on December 23, 2011

How to connect a PS3 or Xbox 360 controller to OnLive for Android

Now, for the easier part: plug your controller of choice into an available USB slot.

If you’re on a Honeycomb tablet, the pad should start working after a few moments. The telltale sign is the blinking Live light on the Xbox controller, or the flashing battery LEDs on the PS3 one.

While it’s easy to ignore the PS3 flashing - since it’s angled away from you - the flickering Xbox light is a more niggling distraction. Worry not, however, as you can turn it off by downloading the cheap X360 Controller LED BlinkStop app from the Android Market.

Once this piece of software is installed, you simply have to open the app whenever you’re using the controller and tap on ‘LED off’. Bingo: no flashing light, and you’re ready to move onto Step 3.

Setting up the PS3 pad, meanwhile, requires a bit more fiddling, as the default OnLive button mapping for the controller is (technical jargon incoming) ‘all over the shop’.

Popular remapping app USB/BT Joystick Center isn’t currently compatible with OnLive, despite thorough testing from us, so rooting your phone or tablet and using Sixasis to manually change is the only way to go right now.

After running the Sixasis Compatibility Checker app to ensure your phone is supported, you need to install the Sixasis app. Then open ‘Preferences’. followed by ‘Input Mappings’, and finally tap on ‘1st Controller Mappings’.

Now, change all of the following to set up the pad:
(Our thanks go to XDA developer forum member Salfer for the layout, which works a treat for most games).

Start = Enter
Cross = U
Circle = J
Square = H
Triangle = I
R2 = K

Analog 1 Left = A
Analog 1 Right = D
Analog 1 Up = W
Analog 1 Down = S

Now, press ‘Back’ to leave the application and your PS3 pad is ready to use. Admittedly, it’s not quite as tuned as the 360 one, which was already supported for the PC version of OnLive, but it’s playable for most games.

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