Posted by John on December 22, 2011

Battlefield 3 patch incoming, fixes issues with Back to Karkand map

Electronic Arts and DICE have taken notice of some of the issues with a number of weapons in the Back to Karkand map and are busy working on a patch.

Gamers who occupy themselves with Battlefield 3’s superb multiplayer in their spare time have not been a very bunch recently. A large number have complained over issues with two of the weapons in the Back to Karkand map.

The problem seems to be restricted to the PlayStation 3 version and DICE, the game’s developer, have acknowledged the issue and are currently busy working on a patch to address and rectify the issue.

DICE identified two weapons which had the issue with the QBU-88 Sniper rifle and the MG36-LMG the reasons for the flood of complaints.

On the developer’s own blog, DICE stated, “We are aware that the QBU-88 Sniper rifle and MG36-LMG in Back to Karkand on PS3 are not acting as they should (they work fine on the base game maps).

So according to that statement it seems that the problem only seems to be on the one specific map from the entire DLC pack.

The statement continued, “We have identified the problem and are working on a fix. We will keep you posted on our progress.”

While no time frame or window has been given as to when gamers can expect to have the patch available for download, one can expect it in the next couple of weeks as DICE are usually quick to respond to such issues.

Battlefield 3 is one of the many AAA titles to have released during the hectic end-October to mid-November period and in the process faced stiff competition from the likes of Activision’s powerhouse, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls
V: Skyrim and Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, among others.

While the game has not suffered from the handicapping bugs and issues that Skyrim’s PlayStation 3 version made gamers endure, it still has had a few minor issues.

The Back to Karkand DLC pack was made available for free for all those who pre-ordered their copy of the game as was the Physical Warfare pack. This means that a fair share of gamers have access to the DLC seeing how over 3-million units of the game were

While Electronic Arts may not have matched their bitter rivals, Activision, in terms of sales of both their respective titles, they did manage to carve out a fair slice of the market for themselves in the attempt.

Also seeing how Battlefield 3 has had a number of DLCs released for it and Modern Warfare 3 have only just announced their first DLC pack it seems that EA are committed to providing a steady stream of content for their game.

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