Posted by John on December 21, 2011

6 Strange Skyrim Bugs Found on PS3

I’m a bad gamer. I still have yet to beat The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, despite putting 30 hours into it. I’m still playing, and I’ve enjoyed it, but I’ve barely touched the main quest beyond learning how to throw people off cliffs with my voice. I keep getting sidetracks and distracted. I also keep seeing bugs.

My playthrough of the PlayStation 3 version of Skyrim hasn’t been as bug-filled as others’, with reports of ruined save files and backwards dragons, but I’ve encountered my share of bugs. These type of glitches are common with expansive Bethesda Softworks games, though.

Warning: There are a few spoilers with this list.

The most notable bug I found was in Markarth, where I went into an abandoned house with a priest to find out why it’s haunted. It turns out a demon lord’s shrine is under it, and he forced the priest to attack me. After I killed him, I went down to the shrine where the demon lord mocked me. Then I stood there. Then he mocked me again. Then I stood there. Then he mocked me again. I couldn’t move or do anything. Since I couldn’t get out of the position, I had to restart the PlayStation 3.

Then the game froze when I moved between maps.

I was stalked by a dragon who landed near my position and immediately died. Usually killing dragons is a lot harder than that. Fortunately, he died “correctly” and I was given a dragon soul to power my voice.

Then the game froze when I moved between maps.

Combat sometimes stutters, especially when I use a particle effect spell like flames in close quarters, sometimes making the game pause for seconds before it realizes it’s actually rendering fighting.

Then the game froze when I moved between maps.

Often, characters’ responses to my actions would happen separately from their scripted responses, resulting in them appearing to be arguing with themselves about what to do with me.

Then the game froze when I moved between maps.

Even though I went through the local quest line in Markarth involving uncovering corruption and the Foresworn, when I returned to the Shrine of Talos after being arrested and leaving, the corrupt guards were still there and tried to arrest me again.

Then (you guessed it), the game froze when I moved between maps. The most recent patch, however, appears to have fixed this glitch. I haven’t had any freezes, and while there are still many quirks in the game, Bethesda has been making good progress in hammering out the really irritating parts. Skyrim is still a very flawed game, but it’s so full of things to do that I still come back to it. The game, like Oblivion and Morrowind, is so big and compelling that I’ll push through bugs that would have made me thrown my controller and break the disc with other games.

Have you experienced any strange bugs in Skyrim? Let us know in the comments section. It seems that, despite certain common bugs (which I’ve yet to experience), everyone’s experience with the game is different. The bugs don’t appear to have driven away gamers, though; Skyrim is the most-played game of 2011, according to data from gaming social network Raptr.

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