Posted by John on December 20, 2011

Twisted Metal : HipHopGamer’s debut in a 2012 highly anticipated PS3 exclusive.


Twisted Metal : HipHopGamer’s debut in a 2012 highly
anticipated PS3 exclusive.


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[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Gamasutra and its partnership with notable game PR-related resource GamesPress.]

New York, NY December 19, 2011 - Eat Sleep
Play’s PS3 exclusive Twisted Metal one of 2012 most
anticipated games that has been under the radar since its news of
the title to have been released this year.

To kick off for next years release David Jaffe have been
rattling the industry with some news and trailers. One headline
that will spark history in the gaming industry is Jaffe’s
latest news which was announced via his official twitter account to
popular gaming journalist HipHopGamer which stated –

“davidscottjaffe – @hiphopgamer hey man when do you
think we should let the world know you wrote and song for the
twisted metal soundtrack

– @hiphopgamer it went in a few days ago and sound great !
Hoping we can get the fans a taste before the game ships

This news to gaming journalist/hip-hop artist HipHopGamer brings
much excitement. This will be the first in gaming history to have a
gaming journalist featured themed song added to the soundtrack of
an IP.

HipHopGamer wrote and recorded the song Get Twisted for Twisted
Metal out of appreciation and to celebrate the eighth installment
of the franchise.

HipHopGamer is also known for creating many other themed songs
for video game titles to show his appreciation for gaming and hip
hop and to also connect to fellow gamers that share that same

To kick off the announcement, HipHopGamer has released a video
of Get Twisted to get the fans amped for the February 14 2012
release. Be sure to check out Get Twisted on
and and also further news and updates on
the 2012 Valentine’s Day Release of the game that will
provide a sweet tooth for havoc on wheels, Eat Sleep Play’s
Twisted Metal PS3.

Tamika “Ms.PR” Moultrie

Ms.PR Media Solutions  


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