Posted by John on December 20, 2011

Battlefield 3: Physical Warfare Pack Available Now

Here is some good news for PS3 players who own Battlefield 3 copies. They will be getting the Physical Warfare Pack DLC for free. All they need to do is go online and get hold of this DLC. There was a time that the pack was only available to players who pre-ordered the main game. It seems that the offer has been luckily extended.

The pack includes the DAO-12 shotgun, custom flechette ammo for the shotgun, a flash suppressor for the SKIS sniper rifle and the type 88 light machine gun.
Despite the fact that the deal has been extended to other PS3 players, regardless of whether they pre-ordered the game they own or not, the deal is still not open to other platforms. PC and Xbox gamers will also have to wait a little more to get the DLC. So one man’s good news is one one’s headache. Oh, well.

The Back to Karkand LDC was already released. It includes new maps, Wake Island, Gulf of Oman, Strike at Karkand and Sharqi Peninsula. If you are not a PS3 player, you might want to explore this DLC first while still waiting for the other DLC to come. The maps should be able to give you a lot of busy hours exploring the expanded world of Battlefield 3. As for PS3 gamers, well this is a time to rejoice. You will be getting more Battlefield 3 content that should get you moving and grooving in the world  that you have come to love so well.

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