Posted by John on December 19, 2011

Use A PS3 Controller With The Sony Tablet S

I’ve been toying with the idea of buying a tablet and normally I’d just go for the Apple option and get an iPad, but a couple of things worry me: the lack of drag and drop for video content being the major one. Now I’ve just discovered that the Sony Tablet S, via its latest update, allows you to use the PS3 controller for games.

It’s a great feature that makes complete sense, particularly given the fact that Sony is attempting to bring games in their catalogue to the Android Marketplace. These games aren’t built for a touch interface and the ability to be use a controller is a strong selling point.

GTAIII, for example, has just been given a release on Android and I can’t imagine playing that game with touch could be anywhere near as intuitive and fun as using a controller.

That said, apparently you need a new propriety cable to set the whole thing up initially, which is disappointing.

I’d like to throw it out there: do any of you guys have a tablet for games? Which do you recommend?

Sony Tablet S Update Adds PS3 Controller Support [Gizmodo]

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