Posted by John on December 16, 2011

Will PS3 break 1 million sales globally next week?

If you look back into VGC data, PS3 only surpassed 1 million sales in a week once. It was the week Final Fantasy XIII launched in Japan in 2009. Without a major title released, PS3 has never broke 1 million on its own accord.

The week before FFXIII (Week ending Dec 12th 2009) PS3 sold 735k, and on the week FFXIII released it sold 1,018k.

This year, for the equivalent week, Ps3 is at 700k, which is notably less then it was for 2009. However, in 2010 there was a 29% sales jump (without final fantasy) from the week of Dec 11th to 18th. If Ps3 holds that growth rate, we should expect to see PS3 sales at 910k next week if there wasn’t a Final Fantasy XIII-2 release.

So will FFXIII-2 give PS3 that extra 90k push and get it it’s second million seller week?

Also for the week ending December 24th, can PS3 break 1 million on it’s own? Last year it maxed out at 917k weekly, but this week PS3 sold 5% better then it did for the same week last year. If it holds that figure, then it should do 973k, without Final Fantasy. Can FFXIII-2 help give PS3 that extra 27k on the last week before christmas and give it a second (or third) million selling week?

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