Posted by John on December 16, 2011

Amazon: $50 Credit with PS3 160GB Harry Potter Bundle

Amazon: $50 Credit with PS3 160GB Harry Potter Bundle

Amazon is offering $50 credit when you purchase the 160GB Harry Potter PS3 bundle.  Similar to their Xbox 360 bundle promotions, this deal gives you a free $50 promotional credit towards the future purchase of items shipped and sold by Amazon.

For $299.87 you get the 160GB PS3 console, a dual shock wireless controller, PSPlus Free 30-day membership, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Blu-ray movie.  Of course, the PS3 has a natural blu-ray player built in so the included blu-ray movie could be the beginning of your collection.  Not to mention, you could use the $50 credit towards the purchase of additional PS3 games or blu-rays.

As of right now, Amazon is saying there is only 8 left in stock, so you may want to consider ordering it sooner than later.  You may also be interested in their sale on PS3 video games, particularly their 3D games.

For the PlayStation 3 Harry Potter bundle visit Amazon.

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