Posted by John on December 15, 2011

Sony PS3 Sales "Slightly Ahead" of 15 Million Yearly Target

Sony PS3 Sales Slightly Ahead of 15 Million Yearly Target

Sony is sticking by its target to sell 15 million PlayStation 3 consoles during the financial year to the end of March 2012. Sony told reporters on Thursday that PS3 sales were slightly ahead of target, despite the long-running dept crises in Europe.  Andrew House, who took over as head of Sony Computer Entertainment less than four months ago didn’t release a specific number, but felt comfortable enough to stick by their original target of 15 million consoles sold. 

According to Eurogamer, “As of 2nd November 2011, Sony had sold 56 million PlayStation 3 units since launch. Microsoft has sold 57.6 million Xbox 360 units since launch.”

House did stop short of giving a unit sales estimate for Sony’s upcoming handheld, the PlayStation Vita, which launches in Japan on Saturday - two months before the U.S. release in late-February.  The Vita has sold out in advance bookings in Japan, but will face a tougher challenge in western markets like the U.S. and Europe.

House said profitability with the Vita hardware sales would depend on currency rates, which have hurt Sony due to the yen’s rise against the euro.

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