Posted by John on December 14, 2011

PS3 Move exclusive Sorcery dated

Sony has slapped a spring 2012 release date on Sorcery, the promising looking Move game first shown off at E3 2010.

We don’t blame you if you’ve forgotten about it - the last Sorcery trailer we saw was released way back in August last year, leaving a lot of gamers presuming it might have vanished in a puff of smoke.

But Sony said in a press release today:

The Nightmare Queen has broken the ancient pact with mankind and threatens to cover the land in eternal night. As a young sorcerer’s apprentice, it is up to the player to master the arcane arts and fight back the foul creatures of this magical realm. Sorcery puts the power in the players’ hands using the PlayStation Move motion controller and letting them conjure and command powerful magic as they brave the dark world of the Faerie Kingdoms.

On their journey, players will encounter a multitude of enemies, solve ingenious puzzles, learn powerful spells, and craft strange potions with the in-game alchemy system. With over eight spells that can be used in various combinations and countless items to discover and collect, Sorcery immerses players in a unique fantasy adventure like never before.

A list of key game features follows the trailer:

  • A REAL MAGIC WAND - Use the PlayStation Move motion controller as your magic wand. Cast extraordinary magic spells, brew enchanted elixirs, solve ingenious puzzles, and defeat the forces of darkness!
  • UNIQUE COMBO SYSTEM - The gesture-based casting system lets you chain together basic spells into powerful combos. Freeze and shatter your enemies, electrocute them with lightning called down from the heavens, or

    incinerate them in a lethal firestorm!

  • DEVELOP YOUR CHARACTER - Collect magic items, learn new spells, and concoct upgrade potions, to turn your humble apprentice into an unstoppable magic force!
  • A LUSH AND VARIED WORLD - Explore five unique realms, each with their own enemies and challenges. Descend into the kingdom of the dead to battle the Banshee and the Restless Dead warriors, venture into the endless stair where vicious bogies are wreaking havoc, brave the faerie forest, raid the Slumbering Palace to free Lord Fey, the Faerie King, and much more!
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