Posted by John on December 9, 2011

Feast Your Eyes & Ears On Some New Screens And Audio From The Last Of Us

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Feast Your Eyes Ears On Some New Screens And Audio From The Last Of Us

By: AdamDodd


Remember The Last Of Us? You know, that mysterious PS3 exclusive that may or may not have anything to do with a brain-controlling fungus called Cordyceps? We aren’t going to know what this game is until this Saturday when the Spike VGAs unveils it among its impressive list of 13 exclusive game reveals. This one has me particularly excited because I really think it’s going to be a zombie game. Now the chances of this at least becoming a horror game have at least doubled. Maybe tripled. You see, originally, if you visited the game’s website you were greeted by a video of an ant infected with the fungus acting all strange and stuff.

Well, if you visit the website now and watch the video you’ll be teased with some creepy audio of a man who sounds like he’s hiding from some sort of creature that makes a few weird clicking noises before screaming. Then, of course, the video ends and we’re all left wondering just what the fuck is going on. Head past the break for my breakdown of the second screenshot and the extended trailer!

I’m going to use my mad investigative journalist skills to delve nice and deeply into this screenshot. For starters, it’s sunny. Bright and sunny. And there are trees, and Cordyceps makes ants crawl up plants so it can spread its spores…assuming this is about a fungus that can control humans (that seems to be the popular opinion so far) I’m picturing infected humans climbing up the trees until they explode spreading their spores all over, infecting more humans. Human mushroom popcorn. Ugh, now I’m hungry.

Fuck, I’m really bad at this.

Try and forget that nonsensical paragraph and watch the video so you can try and figure out what’s going on, I’m sure you’ll do better than me.

News via The Last of Us website

Source: Dead Pixels Video Game News for Anyone Who’s A Little Scared of the Dark


3:55am, December 8, 2011

Is it just me or is that a female scream at the end of the video? Perhaps there is more to this than meets the ear? (fuck I’m clever)

4:58am, December 8, 2011

That is a creepy-ass trailer.

Daddy the Baddy
12:22pm, December 8, 2011

god, this is getting damn good

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The Last of Us

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