Posted by John on December 7, 2011

Wake Island trailer celebrates ‘Battlefield 3′ on PS3

The map pack is designed to both reward
Battlefield 3’s first cohort of players and make the most
of the series’ nine year history with the return of some well-loved

It’s free to those who bought new copies of the
Battlefield 3 Limited Edition ($15/€15/£12 otherwise) and
includes four maps plucked from previous
Battlefield titles, all the way back to 2002’s
Battlefield 1942.

Video game players, and console owners in particular, are used
to seeing high profile digital download content (DLC) appear first
on the Xbox 360 marketplace.

That’s been the case with add-ons for
Call of Duty games from
Modern Warfare onwards, with upcoming extra quests for
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and with full titles such as
Pac-Man Championship Edition DX,
Braid and

Reversing the trend is
Battlefield 3, all of whose DLC will pop up on the
PlayStation Network Store a week before appearing on the Xbox Live
Marketplace and Electronic Arts’ PC portal, Origin.

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