Posted by John on December 7, 2011

Sony PS3 3D Display: Quick review and price

Sony PS3 3D Display: Quick review and price

The new Sony PS3 3D display could make an ideal partner for your PlayStation 3 console and add more to your gaming experience. To find out more on this we had a look at a quick review and got an insight to how much this could set you back.

In an article on the Houston Chronicle the new Sony 3-D has had a lot of praise. With great 3D specs along with full HD 1080p and a 240Hz refresh rate for smooth motion there is much to be excited about. This is an LED not a monitor or TV with no HDTV tuner or standard VGA input it can still be used as both.

At $499 or your countries currency equivalent, this seems to be quite expensive so a Sony bundle would be more of a bargain. For just $599 you will be able to get the PlayStation 3 included which works out as a saving of $149 to buy them individually. This is not ideal for a home theater setup and a remote control will be needed, as it is a display although a universal remote worked well.

Playing games impressed the reviewer who was completely satisfied with games like Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, which has brilliant depth. The 3D-movie trailers on Vudu were especially good. The glasses contain a feature called Simulview that lets two players on the same system see different screens rather than having split screens which is a PS3-exclusive feature. Charging up the lightweight glasses can be done via USB cable included and this takes about half an hour.

The overall outcome was that this is not needed for a home-theater yet offers depth in a tight space and worth buying for a 3D experience. Do you feel this would be a great addition to collaborate you PS3? If you are looking to buy a PS3 this could be worthwhile.

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