Posted by John on December 7, 2011

PS3 exclusive ‘The Last of Us’ gets first screens

The website for the mysterious PS3 exclusive, tentatively referred to as ‘The Last of Us’, has been updated with a couple of wallpaper friendly screenshots and an extended teaser video.

The title is set to be fully unveiled at the Spike VGA awards, along with a new BioWare game and Epic Games’ new IP, on Saturday.

Teasers for the exclusive first appeared online last week on, where the extended cut now resides.

The first teaser shows real-world disasters, one of which seems to be a viral outbreak, while a male voice calmly reminisces on troublefree life. The second teaser features close up of insects, and has been extended to add some rather disturbing sounds.

The first of the two screens follows the theme and shows a newspaper detailing the President’s address to “a panicked nation as millions more are feared dead or infected”. A smaller story states “England latest to delcare martial law”.

Check out both of the images below and head to the site to view the videos.

A billboard hyping up the VGAs described the reveal as “A PS3 exclusive you won’t believe”. Is this it or are we in store for another treat?

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