Posted by John on December 6, 2011

PS3: Mysterious Teaser-Trailer Announces PS3-Exclusive “The Last of Us”

Because the Spike TV Video Game Awards are mere days away, there is a growing excitement in the video gaming industry. There is news that are already leaking or flowing out from the show. It really depends on how you see these things. There are people who are actually behind the broadcast who are talking about a PlayStation 3 exclusive debut that gamers should be expecting from the video game awards. This title has already even released a teaser trailer, entitled The Last of Us.

There are no other clues about the game aside from the fact that it is supposedly a PS3 exclusive and that it will be somehow related to the teaser trailer. The trailer is not even that of a game. It makes use of real footage from all sorts of riots and tragedies, including the September 11th tragedy. This title must be post-apocalyptic judging on the clips and the fact that the trailer is entitled The Last of Us. Actually, putting those together makes us even surer that yeah, this is going to be the ends of times. There is also a narrator that further emphasizes the storyline by wishing for normalcy. There is a website for The Last of Us. You may even want to check it out to get more clues about the game. There is another video there that shows an ant circling a plant.

So what do you think? Is the game’s setting and setup pretty clear to you now based on the clues that you have on hand. We really cannot wait until the night of the awards.

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