Posted by John on December 5, 2011

Review: Sony’s PS3 3D Display offers depth in a tight space

There’s a lot to love about Sony’s latest 3-D offering, the PS3 3D Display. It couples well with Sony’s PlayStation 3 gaming console, offers awesome specs - including full HD 1080p and a 240hz refresh rate for smooth motion - and makes a small footprint in your entertainment setup.

Sony designed this 24-inch display with college students and the space-conscious in mind. While it is an LED, not a television or a monitor, it can work as a television (it lacks an HDTV tuner, so it’s not classified as a television) or as a computer monitor (though it lacks the standard VGA input).

It’s pricey, at $499, but Sony will bundle it with the PS3 for just $599, which is $149 less than if the two items are purchased separately.

The first thing you notice is the glossy display; it works great in a black entertainment setup. The buttons are on the back left and there are three inputs near the controls - two HDMI 1.4 inputs and one component-cable input. There’s a small headphone jack output near the inputs, though this is not a device that would fit well in a home theater setup.

Since it’s a display, you will have to buy a remote control. I found a universal remote from Dollar Tree that works great with it.

I got a chance to play games and watch content on the display and walked away impressed. For example, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary has excellent depth. I was further impressed by 3D-movie trailers on Vudu.

The display comes with one pair of active-shutter 3-D glasses, which state they can work with other active 3-D displays. Additional Sony-branded glasses are available for $69.99 each.

When the glasses are paired with the PS3, there’s a wicked feature called Simulview that allows two players on the same system to see individual screens instead of split screens - a PS3-exclusive feature.

The glasses are lightweight and fit with ease. You won’t notice them unless you look away and the display disables the 3-D signal. Need to recharge your glasses? Find a USB (cable is included) port and charge. It takes just 30 minutes.

This display is not for everyone; you don’t need this type of display for a massive home-theater system. However, if you have a tight space, not much money and want to experience 3-D, this is the way to go.

Verdict: BUY.

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