Posted by John on December 3, 2011

Is the PS3’s Soon-To-Be-Revealed Mystery Exclusive A Zombie Game?

Is the PS3’s Soon-To-Be-Revealed Mystery Exclusive A Zombie Game?

By: AdamDodd


A few years back I wrote an article asking whether or not you were prepared for the zombie apocalypse, and in it I mentioned a handful of things that could, and do, have the power to turn the living into mindless slaves. There’s the 28 Days Later style Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, a T-virus science called Neurogenesis, the Toxoplasmosa Gondii parasite, and a little known fungus called Cordyceps. Now, you might be asking yourself why I’m bringing up a two year-old article, no matter how awesome that article might be, to which I’ll reply: calm down baby butterfly, uncle Adam’s going to soothe your confusion away in just a minute.

See that? That’s the name of a newly unveiled PS3 exclusive called The Last of Us, and next to nothing is known about it other than its aforementioned PS3 exclusivity and some intriguing info that can be gleaned from the tags from a teaser trailer that you can check out after the jump. Can’t wait for it? Oh, all right, meet me after the break so we can chat some more.

Intriguing, isn’t it? If you visit the video’s Youtube page, you can see its tags, and one of them mentions Cordyceps. See? My earlier rambling wasn’t just shameless self promotion. You can even see a video of the fungus doing its work in a video on the game’s website.

In the Youtube teaser there’s a lot of rioting, quarantines, and chaos that could definitely make an argument that this game could be set in the post-apocalyptic genre. But it’s the Cordyceps tag that has me intrigued, because the fungus in question is a member of that elite club of organisms that can fucking enslave you.

Well, maybe not you, but definitely insects, and that’s still pretty terrifying.

So what is this game? I can’t say for sure, but I’m liking the idea of a world where a killer fungus has evolved to be able to take control of human hosts. Of course, we won’t know for sure until the game’s officially and more fully revealed at the Spike VGAs next Saturday (the 10th).

Source: Dead Pixels Video Game News for Poor, Defenseless Ants


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