Posted by John on December 2, 2011

"PS3 exclusive you won’t believe" coming to Video Game Awards

A billboard in New York Times Square has announced what the Video Games Award 2011 is calling an ‘Exclusive you won’t believe’ for the Sony PS3 suggesting a host of titles that could be coming soon.

Top of the rumours list are the suggestions that it will be the announcement of a new God of War game while others have suggested it’ll be the next in a long line of HD-remakes with Final Fantasy V getting the HD treatment.


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One of the more obscure rumours has been that it could well be the first announcement of Bungie’s next game after having finished the Halo Series, codenamed ‘Tiger’ the game was reportedly being made for multiple platforms with the PS3 being included in that list.

At the moment it is quite literally anyone’s guess but with the Video Game Awards coming on 10 December there won’t be long to wait until we find out. What do you think the announcement will be, let us know via the comments box below…

Source: TG Daily

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