Posted by John on December 2, 2011

DICE working on Battlefield 3 PS3 voice chat problems

DICE is well aware of voice chat issues with the PS3 version of Battlefield 3 and is “working to resolve them”.

In the last eight hours alone, more than a handful of disgruntled players have contacted the developer via the official Battlefield Twitter account to complain of team chat problems spoiling the multiplayer component of the squad-based shooter.

In response, DICE has acknowledged there are issues and said it’s hoping to fix them.

“We’re aware of the problems affecting VoIP and we’re investigating causes and possible solution,” it said in one of a number of updates on the subject. “Thanks for your patience,” it added elsewhere.

The PS3 voice chat issues were first noted by EA forum members during the game’s September beta and also at launch the following month.

Earlier this week, a CVG reader forwarded us an email from a supposed EA customer support representative suggesting affected Battlefield 3 users may be entitled to a refund. We contacted EA for an official comment at the time but haven’t received a response.

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