Posted by John on November 30, 2011

PS3 Battlefield 3 voice chat not working? You may be entitled to a refund

Numerous CVG users have been complaining of voice chat problems with the PS3 version of Battlefield 3, which they claim is hampering the multiplayer component of the squad-based shooter.

CVG forumite geekboy78, who said he and his current 20 or so platoon mates are on the verge of quitting the game over the issue, told us “chat is very, very choppy, meaning every other syllable is lost”.

This has apparently been an issue since the beta, and was also flagged by EA forum members at launch in October.

geekboy78 forwarded us what appears to be a genuine email from an EA customer support representative, who initially suggested the issue may be related to a PS3 internet connection problem, and referred him to the system’s online user guide.

When informed that voice-chat works perfectly well on all other games, including BFBC2, just not BF3, the customer service rep acknowledged that there may be a problem with the game on PS3.

Furthermore, they laid the blame on PS3 hardware, not Battlefield 3, and suggested those experiencing continued problems with voice chat may be entitled to a refund from their retailer.

“I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing those problems with your EA game,” the supposed rep said.

“If opening the ports i sent you still fails to resolve your VoIP issue we acknowledge that there is issues regarding the PSN VoIP service that would be detrimental to your gaming experience and should be enough grounds to seek a refund from the retailer you bought it from if you so wish.”

We’ve contacted EA for comment on the matter.

Earlier today EA released a major patch for the PS3 version of Battlefield 3, featuring plenty of fixes. Voice chat wasn’t among them, something picked up on by a couple of forum users.

The company also said Battlefield 3 has sold eight million copies.

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