Posted by John on November 30, 2011

Mystery PS3 Exclusive Could Be Quantic Dream’s Project

Heavy Rain
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So everyone is wondering about this secret PS3 exclusive that will be unveiled during the Spike TV Video Game Awards.

As usual, there are a ton of theories out there, but perhaps none fit as well as the following: Quantic Dream’s new project.

We’ve already heard that it isn’t the oft-discussed brawler featuring Sony mascots and in truth, we’re sort of running out of options. It could be God of War IV but the way Keighley said it on Twitter (”PS3 exclusive you won’t believe”), it’s difficult to think we “wouldn’t believe” a new GoW. Others have suggested Resident Evil 6, but that won’t be exclusive, and we’ve already heard about games like The Last Guardian and Twisted Metal. It’s too early for a new Uncharted unless Sony is going the dreaded “annualization” route…

It’s also too early for Gran Turismo 6 and Metal Gear Solid 5; the former is gonna have a ridiculously long development cycle as usual, while Kojima has said his team hasn’t even begun on the latter. And then there’s Quantic Dream: Heavy Rain was a gigantic success, selling about ten times better than Sony initially anticipated, and it remains one of the most respected titles of the generation. Studio boss David Cage was obviously thankful for the response and made it clear that such a positive reaction would allow him to take the next step in interactive storytelling.

You may notice that we haven’t heard much from him, either. At least, not recently. We get the feeling he and his team are working hard on something, and they are very happy with their Sony partnership; Sony took the risk and stuck with them during the Heavy Rain project, and Quantic Dream appreciates it. They’ve said that numerous times, too. Lastly, it’s a favorable gap: Heavy Rain launched in February of 2010. If they unveiled a new game now, to be released in mid-to-late 2012, that would make sense.

…of course, now that we’ve said all this, we won’t even be close. ;)

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11/30/2011 9:13:33 PM Ben Dutka

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