Posted by John on November 29, 2011

PS3’s Smash Bros. in development at SuperBot?

Codename Title Fight to feature a host of Sony game characters.

A new fighting game for PlayStation 3 under the codename Title Fight is in development at SuperBot Entertainment, reports the Paul Gale Network.

The game will feature a host of characters from PlayStation video games, including Sly Cooper, Nathan Drake, Colonel Mael Radec and Fat Princess. The latest update on the insider blog also reveals the character model for Twisted Metal’s Sweet Tooth, who will be a heavy class fighter in the game. He’s pictured in human form, but will transform into an Ice Cream Truck Mech.

A snap of a female character model has also been taken, though it’s not possible to determine the identity of the character.

Some of the game’s stages apparently include Sandover Village (from Jak Daxter), Hot Shots Golf, and LittleBigPlanet. A Buzz! mini-game and James Bond character are also mentioned. Analysis

My first thoughts were that Sony doesn’t have the roster to pull off a Smash Bros. style game, but Martin and Tom have assured me that part of the fun is discovering some of the lesser characters.

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