Posted by John on November 29, 2011

Microsoft: PS3 price cut has not “slowed” Xbox 360, we are “still on the course”

We’ve all noticed that with recent price cuts and exclusives after exclusives being released on it, the PS3 has gathered a whole lot of attention, and the gap between Sony’s system and the Xbox 360 is fast closing. Microsoft, however, believes that the price cuts for the PS3 have not slowed the Xbox 360, that the system is still on track.

When asked about the same, Microsoft UK’ Director of Retail Sales and Marketing Jonathan Grimes said: “No. We are still on the course, and very happy with our value proposition. Who knows what will happen in the next six weeks in the run up to Christmas, but right now I’m pleased. Retail is in a tough place and the macro-economic situation is difficult, but we are confident.”

When asked if this meant that the Xbox 360 had no price cuts in the future, Grimes said that MS was more than happy with the price right now. “We’re happy with the value in the market at the moment – there are no plans,” he said. “The value – and I mean not just the price of the box but what’s in it – for a family of four, is good. It really puts in their mind: do they go on their second holiday, or buy a console?

“In terms of consumer expenditure games are still doing well, it’s seen as a good proposition for family entertainment,” Grimes continued. “And more and more, as content is becoming broader, we are getting mums and dads playing games like Dance Central and widening out more and more.”


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