Posted by John on November 27, 2011

Future PS3 Firmware Will Enable Remote Play with PS Vita

Included in a planned PS3 update, owners of the PS Vita will be able to stream all their console games to their handheld device. Eurogamer reports that the device will add additional movement or control commands to the touchscreen if the twin analog sticks are insufficient. 

Of course, this means games will be reduced to the PlayStation Portable standard 480×272 resolution, despite the consoles capacity for higher pixel resolution. Though, it is rumored that developers will have the opportunity to release 480p options for future games.

The potential for mixing and matching players on the console with players on the handheld was demonstrated at a Tokyo Game Show press conference. According to Eurogamer:

While a colleague played through a specially constructed LittleBigPlanet 2 level with a Dual Shock controller, Yoshida controlled an aeroplane via the Vita’s touch screen, helping Sackboy reach his goal by altering the environment.

If I’m being forthright, this feature sounds rather similar to the core function of the Wii U, with it’s tablet-controller capable of remote play and two-player interaction. In the same vein, Naughty Dog’s Justin Richmond seems to think that there is “nothing that the Wii U has that the Vita and PS3 doesn’t.” So, the question stands: Is Sony planning to steal the show first or is this just the direction the industry is moving?

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