Posted by John on November 26, 2011

Motion Sales: PS3 Move vs. Xbox 360 Kinect

Motion Sales: PS3 Move vs. Xbox 360 Kinect

If you compare Microsoft’s and Sony’s motion sales, the PS3 Move and Xbox 360 Kinect have mirrored what their consoles did at launch also, and that was slow and steady for the former and a pace of a sprinter for the latter. The biggest thing on Kinect’s side was hype, however, Move is now catching up and is just 1 million units behind.

When you consider that Kinect for the Xbox 360 sold 8 million units in 60 days and 10 million shortly after, it seemed an impossible task for the PlayStation 3 Move. Thankfully sales of the latter have almost caught up and the main issue has been down to the inconsistency of the Kinect sales pattern.

Microsoft managed to shift 8 million devices in 2 months, but has only sold another 2 million in 10 months, IndustryGamers has said that this has lead to concerns – maybe this is why there is now talk of Kinect 2.0 development? Looking at those figures it seems as though Kinect is reliant on holiday sales, but that is not good business.

The biggest issue is the games that they launch, as game developers need to offer bigger launches at all times of the year to support the motion controller device. From what we can see Sony are doing nothing wrong, but there’s not telling how well the Move will perform in terms of sales over the holiday season.

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