Posted by John on November 23, 2011

Skyrim: ‘Shocking’ PS3 lag gets even worse - Video

Skyrim players continue to be frustrated by significant game lag on the PS3 version of Bethesda’s RPG this week - and in many CVG staffers’ games the problem has been upgraded from ‘bad’, to ’shocking’.

The problem - which doesn’t seem to affect the Xbox 360 version at all - is said to occur once players rack up a large amount of hours in Skyrim, and save files grow in size.

Earlier this week we showed you how bad the lag could get at around the 35 hour mark, and below you can see the problem’s gotten significantly worse now CVG’s Tim Clark has reached 60 hours (he loves the Skyrim).

For the record, the video was made using an original PS3, Tim’s character is lvl 34 and the game had been played for 60 hours in total and two hours up to the point the problem above appeared.

Bethesda confirmed over the weekend that a new Skyrim patch will arrive in a few weeks for all versions of the RPG, and “improved performance for long-term play on PS3″ is on the change list.

Is anyone else still suffering with this? Or have you given up until the patch arrives?

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