Posted by John on November 23, 2011

PS3’s Move Closing The Sales Gap with Kinect


Microsoft has done a fantastic job marketing and selling Kinect, which stormed out the gate a year ago while Sony’s PlayStation Move has been slow and steady. They’ve been on very different sales curves, but the hype has been so great for Kinect that you might not realize Move is only about a million units behind Kinect in sales and would appear to be closing the gap.

Kinect quickly reached 8 million sold in 60 days and then hit the 10 million mark, but that was back in March. Meanwhile, Sony’s Move has been selling at a slightly steadier clip and has recently reached the 9 million mark. As IndustryGamers’ Steve Peterson points out in his special on Kinect, “The Kinect’s weakness has been the sales pattern, where 8 million devices sold in 2 months, and then in the next 10 months only 2 million more devices were sold. This has led to some concerns.”

Ubisoft’s VP of Marketing Tony Key, noted, “It’s not healthy to just sell in the holiday, or 90% of your units in the holidays. We would really like to see them have some major launches during the non-holiday part of the year.”

Kinect is likely to get another boost this holiday season with enticing Xbox 360 bundles at retail, but what will the long-term sales picture look like?

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