Posted by John on November 20, 2011

EA sued over Battlefield 3’s missing BF 1943 on PS3

EA is being taken to court for failing to deliver on the promise of free copies of Battlefield 1943 with PS3 versions Battlefield 3.

It was announced at E3 this year that the PS3 version of Battlefield 3 would be bundled with a free, platform exclusive copy of Battlefield 1943.

Gamers we greatly displeased, then, to find no free game with their BF3s when it launched in US. Quizzed on the subject, EA said Battlefield 3 PS3 owners would be getting timed-exclusive DLC for the game instead.

We already knew that though, so the whole thing seemed a bit cheeky on the publisher’s part, and not well communicated to fans at all.

The lawyers agree. Law firm Edelson McGuire has taken the publisher to court on behalf of disappointed gamers. The complaint focuses on EA’s late and poor communication of the change of plan, and the pitiful attempt at a ‘make up’ proposal with early DLC that had already been announced.

EA “misled and profited from thousands of their customers by making a promise that they could not, and never intended, to keep”, alleges the filing, as thousands may have been influenced by the offering to buy the PS3 version over other formats that they may have otherwise preferred to own.

Could this be the nudge EA needs to deliver on its promise?

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