Posted by John on November 18, 2011

PS3 Update: Game sharing and PSN account deactivation

PS3 Update: Game sharing and PSN account deactivation

The PlayStation Network went down last night for maintenance; we have checked this and it is back up again. If you visit the official PlayStation blog they reported that there was going to be a routine scheduled maintenance on Thursday, November 17th from approximately 8am until 10pm PST. Since the new PS3 update, news reports are coming in about game sharing and PSN account deactivation.

We reported a few weeks back that PS3 download amounts will be reduced, before you could download a game and share them on 5 systems, now you can only play the game on 2 activated PS3 systems, this has now been confirmed by an update over on the PlayStation blog here.

This is now in full effect, we would love to know if this is the case for you?

The maintenance update occurred last night, but all is back up and running again and gamers can access the account management system on PSN, the number of PS3 systems an account can have has gone from 5 to 2.

PSN Stores reports that users now have the option if they would like to deactivate all of the systems on their accounts, you can do this over on the Qriocity website. You can wipe the slate clean once every six-months through XMB, as soon as we know more about this we will let you know. At the moment the official PlayStation blog has not updated its news on this.

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