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Video: Call of Duty: MW3 - every trailer for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC on one page

CoD MW3 News: See all the CoD MW3 gameplay footage via YouTube video on one convenient page just in case you didn’t get enough of the game from our day-one MW3 revi

We just reviewed Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and gave it a perfect score. But if you have something called responsibilities and haven’t been able to play this epic FPS, then sit back at work or wherever you are now and enjoy all of these campaign and multiplayer gameplay trailers via YouTube on this one convenient page.

Detailed leaks about MW3’s storyline and gameplay forced Activision and Infinity Ward to release these teaser trailers shortly after the unplanned news hit the Internet in May. The four 35 videos focused on the campaign mode’s Western terror targets: America, England, France and Germany. As you might expect from the events at the end of MW2, all of these countries are being hit by Russian forces and Makarov can be heard at the end of each video. However, while we could tell all of that from the trailers, they were brief, presented in radar guidance system green and had Makarov speaking Russian. That left us wanting to know more.

American teaser trailer

England teaser trailer

France teaser trailer

Germany teaser trailer

The veil on more MW3 information would be lifted with the debut trailer. This minute-and-a-half video made its way onto YouTube about 10 days later and confirmed that the Russian invasion in America takes place on the streets of New York City, the Financial District and in the waters of East River. The trailer also showed that the grounds outside of London’s Parliament Building, France’s Eiffel Tower and downtown Hamburg, Germany are under attack in the game. Finally, this MW3 trailer demoed the first scuba diving and speedboat gameplay with brief clips of both segments of what ended up being part of the second level.

CoD MW3 debut trailer

Spec Ops Survival mode returns from MW2, however MW3 greatly expands the amount of time you’ll want to play through this co-op mode with a buddy. It shows off the new maps as well the various armories at which you can buy upgrades for weapons, explosives and air support. This trailer demos a player attempting to defeat a Juggernaut while holding a, by comparison, wimpy riot shield. Although that sounds like a scary situation, I think that the video’s six most jaw-dropping words are “enemy attack dogs” and “they’re carrying explosives.” Whether or not you have a fear of normal dogs, you’ll have a twitch-reacting fear of “suicide bomber dogs.” Believe it or not, this two-minute trailer only covers half of Spec Ops mode. There are also Missions that you and a trusted friend who has your six can complete.

Spec Ops Survival Mode video

A dedicated MW3 multiplayer gameplay trailer was finally shown off in September alongside Call of Duty XP here in Los Angeles. Longer than any of the previous sizzle reels, this three-and-a-half-minute trailer shows off four multiplayer maps as well as various strike packages and weapon upgrades including my favorite, the heartbeat sensor. The best part about this trailer is that a lot of it happens in slow motion, giving your eyes, which are new to the maps, time to analyze the various map points one at a time. It’s only matter of time before you know their nooks and crannies by heart and exploit them for the upper hand in multiplayer.

Multiplayer World Premier Trailer

A month after getting the multiplayer video on YouTube, Activision premiered a MW3 single-player campaign mode called trailer “Redemption,” which was loaded with hints of where the storyline and characters were headed. The voices of Makarov and Price can be heard, representing the evil and the good in MW3’s storied conflict. However, their narration lasts mere seconds. The rest of the trailer is made up of intense action gameplay with the intention of demoing the thrill-ride of a campaign mode that lies ahead.

Redemption trailer

Calling it “The Most Anticipated Game In History,” the launch trailer for CoD MW3 premiered two weeks before the game actually launched. Why? Because it was the week before EA FPS rival Battlefield 3 was set to hit store shelves. Tactically sneaky. This short one-minute trailer uses gameplay footage from the campaign mode, further detailing the roles of Makarov and Price with voice overs about their end-game objectives. Ending with massive explosions at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, this campaign mode looks as if it’ll reshape the world we Modern Warfare know and maybe live up to the hype.

Launch trailer

Although the CoD MW3 launch trailer went online in late October, Activision had one more video to upload to YouTube before launching its bound-to-be-a-blockbuster game: the commercial. This ad features Sam Worthington and Jonah Hill, acting as the vet and the n00b, respectively. Jonah Hill sports some n00b-like mistakes, but he eventually catches on and become sa prestige-level killing machine in live action trailer. In the final moments, you’ll catch a glimpse of Orlando Magic basketball star Dwight Howard firing aimlessly in camo pants, taking over the role of the n00b in this live action fantasy commercial.

“The Vet The n00b”

Those are all of the trailers from debut to the launch and extra commercial. However, Gaming Target will bring you more Call of Duty MW3 breaking news and be sure to check out of day-one MW3 review.

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