Posted by John on November 7, 2011

New design of PS3?s PlayStation Home

New design of PS3?s PlayStation Home

A few days back Sony made the new design of the PlayStation Home for the PS3 live. A huge deal has changed with this virtual environment, with improvements being made to the world, along as a few new features to go with it. Two of the most important features is a gaming district and a social theme, which should get a huge response.

It’s hoped that the new changes will make it a more popular place for PSN users to hang out, but has Sony done enough? Games Catalyst has been finding out, and with a greater focus on gaming, it’s hard to see why the new 2011 look PlayStation Home will not be a hit.

There are four gaming districts, which are broken into different genres. These are Action, Sportswalk, Adventure and Indie Park. There really is something for everyone now, such as action and shooting games, sports-themed games and sports related quizzes, adventure-themed games, much like Uncharted, and small games developed by different indie developers.

Don’t worry if you used to enjoy hanging out with friends bowling or chess, as these are still there. Sony has shown that they are up to the challenge, and are not about to let their cheese go stale – got to love that book. To give you an idea of the new look PlayStation Home check out the video below.

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