Posted by John on November 5, 2011

Change to PS3 and PSP download amounts

Change to PS3 and PSP download amounts

Sony have decided to reduce PS3 and PSP download amounts, this means that download title activation counts will be reduced starting November 18, 2011. Many gamers on the Sony PlayStation 3 and PSP were able to download titles and activate them on five systems, but the new plan only allows 2-system activation.

The change from 5 to 2 system activations will happen on November 18th, after a scheduled PlayStation Network maintenance. Any game purchased after the date specified above can only be activated on two PS3 systems and two PSP handheld devices.

The answer to this is, go and get your games before the 18th, if you do so you will be able to have the current five-system set-up. The limitations will only occur after Nov 18.

This new 2 system title activation will also apply on the upcoming Sony PS Vita, in a way this could be sort of good news, and in that we mean you will be able to enter the PlayStation Network account management website, and handle your activation and deactivation from there.

Andriasang reports that Sony has made this decision, to balance consumer convenience, and content creator copyright protection.

We will let you know when it goes live, and all announcements will be updated here. What are your views on this change?

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