Posted by John on November 4, 2011

Developers Need To Dedicate Time To "Push The PS3"

PlayStation 3
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Many have said the PlayStation 3 is simply the most powerful machine of the generation, and certain developers have often proven the raw potential of Sony’s machine (’cough’ Naughty Dog ‘cough’).

But according to Julien Merceron, Worldwide Technical Director for Square Enix, the PS3 has more in the tank, but developers will have to really focus on finding that power. In speaking to Industry Gamers, Merceron first said-

“Some consumers could have gotten the feeling in 2006/2007 that – graphically – Xbox 360 games were more advanced, but today it is quite different in fact!”

As for the future of Sony’s machine, Merceron believes more can be done. It’s just a matter of continuing to work with the PS3.

“Personally, I’d say that – on PS3 – I believe there are some major improvements that can still be done, taking advantage of parallelisation and using more of the CPU for graphics tasks. At the end of current home Console life cycle, it is very possible consumers might get the feeling PS3 is slightly ahead of Xbox 360 in terms of graphics, but it will only happen if developers dedicate time to really push things on PS3!”

Over the years, we’ve seen the graphical growth of the PS3; it’s similar to the visual advancement we saw in the previous PlayStation generations. However, five years into its lifespan, some have wondered if game designers can do more with the machine…is it tapped out? Are we done? Do we need the PS4 now?

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11/4/2011 8:55:47 PM Ben Dutka

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