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PS3 Version of Machinarium Will Be ‘Ultimate Version’

Amanita Design’s point and click puzzler Machinarium is coming to PS3 in February 2012, and the developer believes that this is the “ultimate version.”

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PS3 Version of Machinarium Will Be 'Ultimate Version'

Machinarium is a wonderful game. Playing out like a point and click adventure, the game manages to tell a touching and emotional story without a single spoken line of dialog anywhere in the whole experience. The art style and animation is wonderful, and while it’s relatively short, you won’t forget your time in this strange robotic world in a hurry. It’s currently available for PC, Mac, Linux and iPad 2, and there’s a web-based demo you can play here.

Jakub Dvorsky, founder of developer Amanita Design, believes that the upcoming PSN version of the game, set to release in February of next year, will be the “ultimate version,” proving considerably “more fluent” than other editions thanks to some special features.

“There will be a few new features such as zoom,” he explained to Eurogamer at the recent GameCity6 festival in the UK. “There will be trophies. It will be more fluent. It’s a really nice version. I’m quite happy with it. We’re looking forward to it.”

The game supports both controller and PlayStation Move inputs. The game has had a “magnetic” feature added to help alleviate the relative inaccuracy of using an analog stick for point and click adventures — the cursor will “snap” to nearby hotspots — and buttons have been added for quick access to the inventory and the new zoom function.

Dvorsky is particularly enamored with the PS3 version as it allows the game’s beautiful art and excellent soundtrack to be seen and heard as they were intended. The experience of playing Machinarium is as much about the sights and sounds as it is about the frequently head-scratching puzzles, so those who are yet to experience the game may do well to wait until February.

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