Posted by John on October 30, 2011

GoldenEye 007 Reloaded multiplayer: ‘You’ll feel really powerful’

GoldenEye 007 Reloaded is the HD sequel to the original N64 classic. Yup there was a Wii version last year, but the 2011 model had graduated onto PS3 and 360 and the HD big leagues with better looks, improved modes, maps and weapons and a real focus on online multiplayer.

We recently caught up with Activision’s producer on the title, James Steer, to quiz him on the series’ history and traditions, whether he prefers the traditional four-player split screen or the new 16-player online and whether the move to more powerful platforms makes this the ultimate Bond game.

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What do you think the move to HD has brought to the multiplayer experience?

Well you’ve obviously got the graphical part of the game, the move to 60 frames per second, high resolutions textures, more life like characters and environments, those sort of things. You play a multiplayer game and it looks more realistic but with the new engine we created for this game, now we have sixteen player multiplayer, we added eight players more than the Wii version.

We’re just able to pack more into the game, bigger disks and things so we’ve got more, more maps, more modes, more classic characters, more weapons, more gadgets, so there’s not really any part of the game that we haven’t added stuff to.

The original GoldenEye was always known for its exceptional multiplayer, did that create pressure to create something equally compelling?

Yeah of course. We talk about the original N64 game as being like the godfather of first-person shooters, you know especially from a multiplayer, a split-screen point of view. People loved it you know, coming in late and playing their friends at university or whatever.

There’s a pressure, but it’s also quite an honour to work on it, we create our own pressure in that way, because we want to do the best thing we can, the best Bond game that we can make, let alone the best GoldenEye game. So yes there is a pressure, but it’s a good thing I think. Everyone wants to make games people love, recognise, GoldenEye is hugely popular so it’s great.

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