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Dead Rising 2: Off The Record Review for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360

Dead Rising 2 Off The Record

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You would think that I had enough zombies for a lifetime, but it’s not true. Not when Capcom came with a great idea, an idea I would have appreciated more last year, when I was playing Dead Rising 2. By far the worst part of the game was it’s structure, that looked like it was made by someone with absolutely no sense of humor. They fixed it. It took them a year, but they fixed it. Not only they fixed it, they also took it one step further, and they gave us a better hero.

One who is not really in the physical shape of Chuck Greene. A hero whose extra kilos can explain why he is moving slower than a zombie in the beginning. One who spent the last years sitting on a chair, watching TV, getting drunk, so it makes sense to fly tens of metered when a psychopath spits on him. But in the same tame, he is a character who knows what to do in case of a zombie invasion, because he is Frank West, the hero of the previous game.

Anyway, in Dead Rising 2: Off The Record Frank West seems a little more detailed, in terms of graphics, than the characters around him. You can almost see the despair in his baldness. The other character have been improved, too, but too subtle, indicating small behavior changes. I pushed the graphic details to a maximum, and I can say that they weren’t considerably different from the minimum detail.

The only things in the game that will seem different from Dead Rising 2 will be added of course news, that the disappearance of advertising with Playboy. Most you will find the new theme park, Uranus Zone, you can visit it whenever it wants Frank. Alien theme serves to complement the range of styles of Fortune City, and the color purple has no way be confused with any other location in the game.

But more variety besides graphics, Uranus areas offer something, and I do not mean just the outburst of laughter at hearing his name. It’s an area very much oriented interactive attractions. Various carnival games, from which you can get a lot of experience. You can pull the truck, throw to the target, or even take a big hammer and start to give the head of monthly Gopher. These games, some of them may even be beneficial as training to become a better assassin zombies. There are more attractions, but I recommend you approach them, because their main function is killing. But zombies are on all roads, so one does not mind if someone lures them in front of atomic carousel.

New location brings new goodies, a variety of objects that can be used to make the un-dead re-dead. I can say I had fun new tools enormously, from a variety of reasons, some… how to say it is some alien probe which has a paralyzing effect on creatures if used properly. A criticism in the previous game was weapons grade weapons rather than fun that can be used once.

They are still in the game, and some of us have the same function, but seem to be more useful. For example, if an escape capsule, a large plastic object quite harmless, some fire extinguishers are attached, the capsule will take off, with all the zombies in it. But do not send in the stratosphere. No. Capsule that will fly over the area at an altitude low enough, and everywhere he goes, will freeze any zombie is on its way.

At least I think they are new, there were plenty of tools that we have missed the previous game. I refer particularly to Thor’s hammer, which can be created by combining a battery with a sledgehammer. Do not say so, but it works exactly the same … with approximation. I do not turn in the northern god of thunder or Chris Hemsworth, but any zombies in the area is shocked with enough force that he died of it.

And the number of possible uses of this wonderful tool is nothing but small. Weapons still have a problem if you let walk away and turn back, so do not let the hand I recommend something important, such as vaslo-chainsaws, unless you are prepared to replace them.

I had the curiosity to the content packages Dead Rising 2 received before, those that add character costumes, accessories and bonuses, and Off The Record validated my decision. Those special costumes can be found in the game. You have to look much, and you will find the pieces, but there are permanent and are very nice bonuses.

In fact, Off The Record makes Dead Rising 2 completely useless. Of course, momentarily Dead Rising 2 is cheaper, with part of a temporary price cut off, but its price is normally the same. The same happened with Left 4 Dead 1 and 2, is probably the zombie thing. Nothing says you can not miss something off the record, the story is almost identical, only that instead of Chuck Greene, are Frank West, and instead be placed invasion of zombies on your account is blamed Stacey Forsight since Frank is a star.

Otherwise, the game is basically the same, with few exceptions, such as the end, which is completely different and I like much more than the first game. I do not want to give details so as not to spoil the surprise you, but I do not like the characters in the previous game will get what they deserve. Chuck will give even more at a time, in a stance makes it seem much louder than all the Dead Rising 2. Gets a beautiful emotional scene that almost makes me wish I played my role in it, but then I remember last year’s adventures, and it passes.

Frank is a much more pleasant character. It has humor, the ability to inject with the Zombrex without having to return to the bunkers and has a series of movements that you do not remember them had Chuck. For example, that the rolling motion, which was unlocked at level 10 or 14 in Dead Rising 2, Frank has earlier … I think.

Mr. West is surprisingly potent against zombies in melee fights. Can I simply take the punches, or takes the shock to his break in tranteasca of them ends. This movement, which again, is released very quickly, making escape from a cluster of undead much easier.

Some of its talents we did not use them unfortunately, such as walking zombie, I do not came out the combination of buttons. But besides the ferocious warrior talents, Frank is a reporter and as any good reporter, has a camera. It can be used anytime, some sequences in the story even force you to use, to highlight the fact that Frank knows how to do more than fight.

You can photograph anything, and depending on the catch in goal, you get experience points. There are 100 zombies in the frame, get a few points, depending on the distance to be that. It is one fixed in your nose?

80-100 points You only fear for him. Catch a picture of a zombie head that has a dinosaur mask, you get points and more comedy. Can you capture the moments of violence when you, zombies or survivors struggle, moments of drama when shooting a young face that barely escaped with his life from an attack and if you catch erotic points in the frame and cleavage. There are special moments, clearly indicated on the screen and even locations which you can take pictures in exchange for experience.

Items received are valued at least at first, but along the way, does not matter that much. However, it is a nice additive, one that is already used to those who played the first Dead Rising.

The arsenal of the new character and the movements are very useful against hordes of zombies, but maybe not so much to fight against psychopaths, which continues to be more inhuman than the zombies. In addition, escorted missions survivors are still there and continues to be irritating. Restrictive structure of the story was not changed and still is very annoying. Targeting still seems wrong.

Like human enemies are more aggressive than you remember, the only way to save and continue to be the toilet. Most of the negative aspects of the game have remained unchanged in the campaign. But I do not care, I do not care about any color, for added Sandbox Mode. This is not a new campaign is not an additional task is not an additional challenge. In Frank’s words, is vacation!

You have access to all Fortune City, just like in campaign, but without time limits, no mission, no Zombrex without annoying characters and the survivors kill those annoying even when you can give them, because you attack. Psychopaths are there, zombies are there, and in compensation for the lack of missions are small objects that give the mission to kill zombies in a certain period of time, or with a certain weapon, or to do something.

You get access to one goal again depending on how many zombies you pacified, some targets are unlocked after exceeding 6000. In sandbox mode death continue to be permanent, so the tension is still there, save to make all the toilets, so she remains frustrated, but progress in level is surprisingly fast when you do not find new ways than that Undead and psychopaths can liquefy.

You can enjoy over and over here. Although, after a while, like I wanted to get back to story missions. I do not know, maybe too much of a good break, and I wanted to see him doing investigations for which Frank is famous. However, Sandbox mode is always there, always can be played, shame that every time you have to repeat the story begins again.

But at least all I got left, whether it’s about experience, combinations of weapons, cars, 4 × 4 or money, tons of money. Too bad you can not keep weapons. Or could even make a locker room, as for costumes in which to store a weapon or two you do not want to lose. Something more persistent for Arsenal I would have liked, but it clashed with the play, which require improvisation at every step.

If you have already given money on Dead Rising 2, all I would recommend to play off the record, but perhaps only after the price drops them again. Not justified to pay again for a slightly modified version of the same game. Unless you can afford, in which case, jump on it without hesitation. The same is true for those who have not played Dead Rising 2. Off The Record makes it completely useless, being a better game, with relatively the same content and same story ridiculous. Now if you excuse me, have to demonstrate a processor that are much worse things than death, and zombies will attest that they can do it all.

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