Posted by John on October 25, 2011

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RocksmithRocksmith has been available for almost one week now, retailing for about $80 at most game retailers. The increase in price for Rocksmith over your standard current generation video game release is the additional hardware; namely the 1/4″ to USB tone cable to connect your guitar to your gaming device. I’ve had very limited time with the game, but so far, I would recommend it to anyone looking to learn guitar. This especially goes for those of you that have an electric guitar laying somewhere in the house collecting dust because you lost interest in it, for whatever reason.

Now is the time to dust off that guitar, slap some new strings on it, and have another shot at learning how to play the guitar. There are people out there knocking the game saying it is unsuccessful at entertaining and equally unsuccessful at educating gamers about the guitar; I disagree on both front and am here to dispell the myth and tell you they’re wrong. If you have the desire to learn guitar, this is absolutely the most affordable training solution (provided you have the guitar already). You’d be lucky to get a good hour’s worth of training from a music teacher for 80 bucks, there are hundreds of lessons to be learned in Rocksmith.

Here are the related help pages we’ve put together for those who decide to try the game. As an old-timer with games and a fairly newcomer to guitar, I say it is an investment in your guitar training that may prove more useful than other methods you’ve tried in the past. Check the links below, especially the hints and tips pages, as a game of this type is doubtful to have any cheats released, well, maybe some rocker outfit unlocks. 8)

Rocksmith Links

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