Posted by John on October 24, 2011

Battlefield 3 – Change In Plans For PS3 Owners, Max Rank, And More

With the arrival of Battlefield 3 just around the corner, it’s not surprising that we’re being bombarded with more and more news of the game.  The closer the game gets, the more anxious fans get and the more information they must know.  DICE has been hit with tons of questions and they’ve answered a couple of them for us.  There’s good and bad news in this article, so we’ll start with the bad news first so you can leave on a good note.

DICE’s promise of including Battlefield 1943 in the Playstation 3 version of Battlefield 3: Limited Addition seems to have fallen through (at least for now).  PS3 owners were told that they would receive a complimentary copy BF:1943 if they put faith into DICE and their upcoming game by buying BF3 before release.  I’m not sure if this was the selling point of BF3 to most people, but the fact that DICE says they won’t be including it anymore at launch is still a little disheartening.  Hopefully they will hold true to their promise and PS3 owners will receive the extra game sometime after launch.

One more note on bad-ish news is that BF3 won’t launch with private servers on consoles.  This isn’t a huge deal because I’m sure that update will arrive soon after launch.  No need to lose sleep over that one.

Phew, now that the bad news is done let’s get to the good stuff.  First off, there is already a day-one patch for the PC version of the game!  Already getting things fixed; Nice job DICE.  If you’ve pre-loaded the game onto your rig, the update should already be included on there and you won’t need to download a single thing between now and launch.  If you bought a digital version of the game but haven’t preloaded it, go do it!  Most, if not all, places that sold a digital version released the pre-load download a couple of days ago.

If you’ve watched any of the single player pre-launch videos of Battlefield 3 you’ve seen the insanely cool random and scripted earthquakes that take place throughout the game.  A fan recently asked Tomas Danko if these would be implemented into the multiplayer aspect of the game and he said that similar events will happen in multiplayer, but not as intense as single player.

Lastly, one more bit of good news was released in the last couple of days.  The max rank you can reach in multiplayer has been a big mystery up until now.  DICE has officially said that the max rank is Colonel 100 star (rank 145).  Yes you read that right, 145 ranks!  Sounds like multiplayer will have a ton of play time.



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