Posted by John on October 23, 2011

Ubisoft Courts McCallum and Wagner for NCIS Game

Nope, we didn’t really know Ubisoft was working on an NCIS game either, but then again we’re not in love with crime procedurals. If you are a fan of acronym-rich TV shows, than there’s a good chance you’re well aware of the multitudes of them out there, many of which do have some kind of video game counterpoint, so this should hardly be shocking news.

Still, it’s definitely news to us, and apparently after announcing the game just last month, Ubisoft has begun recruiting voice talent from the show to help out with the NCIS game, namely one David McCallum and Robert Wagner to reprise their roles as Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard and Anthony DiNozzo Sr., respectively.

We’ll fully admit, with adventure games having largely gone the way of the primary viewing audience of CBS, we’ll take anything we can get, and hey, if it helps you slip into the shoes of the Navy’s finest investigations team, so much the better, right? Plus, this is somehow the first game based on the series that’s been made — impressive given how almost anything can be licensed these days and NCIS is headed into its ninth season remaining one of the biggest shows on TV (it was the number one show for its night earlier this week).

In the hopes of explaining a bit more about the game, we’ve rounded up a handful of screens and a couple tiny (no, literally, they’re the same resolution as a PSP screen for some reason) trailers to help introduce the game and get a little feedback from McCallum and Wagner themselves in preparation of the rather unfortunate release date of 11.1.11 — the same as a certain highly-anticipated game. Enjoy!

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