Posted by John on October 23, 2011

Hackers Crack PS3 Again With JailBreak 2 (JB2)

PlayStationOnce again hackers are claiming to have jailbroken the PlayStation 3 console after Sony patched an earlier jailbreak hack. The new hack, like the original jailbreak method, uses a USB dongle allowing the pirated PS3 titles to run from Blu-ray discs. The latest hack has been labeled as JailBreak 2 (JB2) by many and is showing up in forums giving instructions on how to perform the hack. The PlayStation Network is NOT affected by this hack.

Sony released firmware 3.42 last September in which the ‘old’ jailbreak method was successfully blocked. With the release of firmware 3.60 six months ago after the console manufacturer found more security holes, particularly with the PSN network, it was supposed to protect the PS3 from jailbreaking titles. This kept the PS3 owners who used the original jailbreak method stuck at firmware 3.55 unless they wanted to play recent game titles.

According to some PS3 forums in Indonesia the new jailbreak version is on the market in the form of a $55 dollar USB dongle. The “jailbreak 2? method would be for recent games, with at least firmware 3.60 on PS3 but requires a games be burned to Blu-ray disc to run. The titles Driver: San Francisco, FIFA 12, God of War Collection Volume II and PES 2012 burned on a disc can be played using the USB jailbreak doggle. Older titles may still also need to be placed on a hard disk along with the USB doggle.

The jailbreak efforts are being documented on forums and appears to have started in Indonesia. It is now being being documented on YouTube along with instructions on what you need to do. These hacks are increasing as a way to get around the normal Sony protection schemes.

It is unclear if and when the new jailbreak method will make it to more markets outside Indonesia. Presumably, Sony will release a new firmware update for the PS3 as soon as possible after analyzing the new security hole. It is starting to look like a jailbreak is created soon after they issue a patch and at the rate that this is going, it will be a back and forth situation for Sony for a while in protecting game titles on the PlayStation 3.

After being forced to close its online service earlier this year, the PlayStation Network was down for weeks after a breach of their servers and their data being compromised. That shutdown caused Sony a lot of problems and they are still being felt through lawsuits which have been filed against them for damages and loss of use.

Sony’s problems just seem to continue and these recent jailbreak methods are part of the continuing story. With the recent JailBreak efforts, it looks like Sony is going to continue to have problems with protecting the PlayStation 3 console.

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