Posted by John on October 22, 2011

Hackers Attempt Second PS3 Jailbreak

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Reports have surfaced saying that a successor to the PSJailbreak USB dongle, called the “JB2? has been released. Will the PlayStation 3?s hacking woes ever end?

Just as the world starts to move on and forget about the whole GeoHot incident, the Anonymous’ “war” on the PlayStation Network, and the massive security breach that resulted in over 77 million hacked PSN accounts, the PS3 faces a new hacking threat. The JB2 as its being called, works in a similar manner to the original PSJailbreak in where it’s a USB dongle that is inserted into the PS3, and used to circumvent the PS3?s security and allow it to run unsigned code.

JB2 doesn’t have as free reign over the PS3 as the original PS Jailbreak once did. Games released prior to the 3.60 update will back up and run on the PS3?s HDD. Anything released post 3.60 will have to be burned to a Blu-ray disc to be run. Because of this, a significant cost is added by having to get a Blu-ray burner and expensive BD-R discs. And although that’s a possible deterrent, keeping average users from making such an investment, it could create an underground black market for burned discs.

News about the JB2 has just broke and its capabilities are unclear at this time. Videos have been published online showing it in action, but there aren’t any reliable sources saying it’s the real deal. There’s also the possibility that access to the PlayStation Network isn’t possible while using this device, which makes it less appealing overall.

Will this ever stop? The answer is no. As long as there is money to be made (or saved) by hacking consoles and/or backing up and pirating games, there will always be attempts being made at whatever security measures Sony takes.

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