Posted by John on October 21, 2011

Xbox Battlefield 3 Hi-Res Texture Pack is 1.5GB

Been wondering how big the Xbox 360’s high resolution texture pack for Battlefield 3 is? Wonder no longer.

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    Pete Davison
  • October 21, 2011 03:25 AM PT

Xbox Battlefield 3 Hi-Res Texture Pack is 1.5GB

Yesterday, it emerged that Xbox 360 owners would need to install an optional hi-res texture pack for Battlefield 3 in order to get visuals that match up to the PS3 version. What wasn’t clear at the time was how much hard drive space players would need to set aside for said hi-res texture pack.

GamerZines, who broke the original story, spotted a GameFAQs user who had posted an image of the space requirements for the “HD Content” pack, as it’s called. Looks like it’ll take up 1.5GB of your Xbox hard drive — though if you also choose to install the game itself for faster loading times, this will be on top of however much the full game ends up taking up.

There’s also, inevitably, a day one patch out there for the game, which is another 167MB.

The hi-res texture pack is automatically part of the PS3 version’s mandatory install, which reportedly takes up a total of 2GB. The PC version, meanwhile, requires 20GB total hard drive space, but you don’t play with a disc in your drive.

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