Posted by John on October 21, 2011

Flamebait Friday Debate: Is There Any Point In Pre-Ordering Anymore?


It’s Batman: Arkham City day today and by now, most of you know by now that locally, the release has become pretty controversial as the PS3 collector’s editions have been delayed to next week only, leaving some of the biggest fans completely disappointed.

What’s the point of pre-ordering again? Putting down your order and/or money well ahead of time to ensure that, come release day, you will not be disappointed. But… that’s exactly what you’re setting yourself up for because once it goes south, there’s nothing you can do about it.

You sit at home like an emo panda, twiddling your bat-thumbs while all of the common folk of the world simply walk into a store and pick up a copy off of the shelf while you wait, or even worse, are already playing because some store broke the release date again.

The fans, the one’s most excited, are the ones who are left hanging, but not literally.

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