Posted by John on October 17, 2011

Devil May Cry HD Collection coming to PS3, 360

If you’ve ever owned a PS2 and harbor a love for action games, you likely remember Devil May Cry with great nostalgia, particularly with its strong Resident Evil influence. Go back and play it now, however, and it’s entirely possible you’ll tear your eyeballs out at the godawful texture work.

Luckily, Capcom is bringing that game and two of its sequels back in the form of Devil May Cry HD Collection. Naturally, this means heavily upgraded textures and widescreen support. The collection will release not only for PS3, but 360 as well, so if you’re a Microsoft loyalist, it’s time to catch up with the greats.

Devil May Cry vs. Devil May Cry HD (click for full HD gallery).

Devil May Cry 2, it must be stated, is utter garbage, primarily because it was made without series creator’s Hideki Kamiya’s consent or expertise. Suffering very weak gameplay and extremely bland graphics and environments, we’d recommend only booting this one up again if you’re a tech enthusiast curious to see the visual improvements.

The series returned to form with Devil May Cry 3, packing excellent presentation, better action than ever, deeper customization, and Dante’s sexy twin Vergil. Naturally, the version included in HD Collection is Dante’s Awakening Special Edition, meaning you’ll be able to play as Vergil, and have access to the endless Bloody Palace mode and Turbo mode.

Devil May Cry HD Collection “will be launching (and then kept in the air with a variety of attacks and bullets)” early 2012.

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