Posted by John on October 15, 2011

Hori PS3 Mouse and Keyboard Solution Offers an Edge for Competitive Gamers

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Tired of using analog sticks to play some of your favorite PlayStation 3 games? Listen up.

For the past several months, Hori have been working on their Tactical Assault Commander 3, or TAC 3, which to put it simply is a keyboard and mouse solution for the PS3. On top of providing the same precision found in PC gaming environments, the TAC3 also offers some unique features. For one, mouse sensitivity can be adjusted on the fly allowing for a quicker movement radius, or a more delicate one depending on your preference at any given time. The keys on the keyboard are interchangeable, allowing for a unique level of customization, in addition to a walk button to force slower movement, and possibly less audible noise when sneaking up on opponents.

Two variations of the TAC3 will be available on launch day this October 24th, which happens to be a day before the release of Battlefield 3. These include a jet black finish, which fits well with some of its rubberized parts, and a black, grey, and white digital camo version which is sure to turn some heads. Be aware that this peripheral won’t work with all games, but those that function with it, including the upcoming Counter-Strike Global Offense, will be much more manageable with this setup.

Amazon has the TAC3 available for pre-order if you’re interested, and Best Buy will carry it as well.

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