Posted by John on October 13, 2011

GOLDENEYE 007: RELOADED Preview: Fun, Nostalgic Trip

A year after the re-imagining of the seminal Nintendo 64 shooter Goldeneye was released for the Wii, it is back as GoldenEye 007: Reloaded for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Activision invited the gaming press to a presentation of the game’s vital multiplayer feature and Newsarama was there.



Along with the updated storyline and the insertion of the current Bond, Daniel Craig, GoldenEye 007: Reloaded is using the two more powerful current gen-consoles to increase the depth of options available for competitive play. The most significant of which are the new Mi6 Ops Missions. In this mode players tackle short, objective based missions where nearly every variable is adjustable. Players have a choice of several goals: Assault: a mission to survive while moving across a map, Elimination: a Horde-mode like experience, Defense: protecting points on a map for a period of time, and Stealth: clearing a map of foes without being detected. From the overall goal the experience can be customized even further, recalling such features in the classic Nintendo 64 version. Tweakable factors in this mode, and many others, include adjusting your and the enemies’ health, accuracy, aggressiveness, how often they throw grenades, infinite ammo toggles, whether or not you start with the one-hit kill Golden Gun and/or a rocket launcher and naturally, if your bullets leave paintball marks. While this mode is single player, the game will track your performance, adjust your ’score’ for the kinds of modifiers you played with and rank you on a network-wide leaderboard.


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