Posted by John on October 9, 2011


I bought Demon’s Souls because it was a game for the hard core gamers. It was a game that was hard as hell, even for the most insanely good gamers out there. I bought it because I felt up to the challenge. I was very quickly put in my place. I was woefully defeated time and time again, replaying the same level (the first one) over and over before I dared to move on. Might I also add, that I had the limited edition that came with a walkthrough, which I mostly followed to the letter and I still died so much. I lost hope, I traded in. It is one of my biggest regrets. So why did I ask to review Dark Souls, a pseudo sequel that is by all accounts a harder game? In every hero’s journey there is a moment of failure, he lost the battle, his friends died, he dropped the ball. Whatever, he fucked up. However, a hero will always come back, stronger and more determined than ever. Well I want to be a hero that conquers the world that From Software has created. Like Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls is a brave step in the right direction for gaming. A title not pandering to the masses but instead catering for a select few. It might not be to everyone’s taste but Dark Souls is Haute cuisine, a rare vintage that will reward those who can acquire its taste.


Dark Souls is out now.


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